Meetup – ELK and Kubernetes on Google Cloud

Thank you very much to everyone that came along to this event, we covered a lot in this session and hope everyone got something from it.

In collaboration with Hays, Automated IT Solutions organised a Meetup on ElasticSearch & Kibana (‘ELK’) and Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform.

We started off with an introduction and overview of the key components – the ELK stack, Kubernetes and the Google Cloud Platform – then ran through setting up the local environment, creating a Kubernetes Cluster on Google Cloud, then deploying the ELK stack to the new cluster.

The Peoples Postcode Lottery wrapped things up nicely with a short session
showing how they leverage the ELK stack in real life.

All of the command line steps from this session are recorded in this text file in our public GitHub:

And the slides from the presentation are available here in PPT format

and here in .KEY for Mac

And for the lazy speed-readers among us there’s even a video slideshow here:

If you have any questions, issues or feedback, please contact us via this site, or use the contact details listed in the slideshow, or go through our Meetup page


Please note the change of venue for this talk:

The Peoples Postcode Lottery
28 Charlotte Square,


This took place on Thursday 24th Jan 2019 from 6:30